Vitamin D3

Vitamin D – our sunshine vitamin

Vitamin D – our sun vitamin

Actually, vitamin D is not a vitamin in the true sense of the definition. Instead, it’s a hormone because we can produce and store it in the body ourselves. The precursors of vitamin D are produced in the liver and are then converted into the active vitamin D3 form when the skin is exposed to sunlight. It then circulates in the blood and thus reaches the individual cells, but it can also be stored in cells that are rich in fat, such as body fat. 

The importance that vitamin D plays in bone health is well known. The latest research shows that the benefits of vitamin D are more far reaching in our organisms than previously thought! It not only helps to prevent osteoporosis in adults or rickets in children, but it also has a strong effect on our immune system and thus helps to strengthen our defenses so that the body is less susceptible to infections. It protects our cardiovascular system and supports the hormone regulation of the organism. Our nervous system also benefits from an adequate supply of vitamin D. The high anti-inflammatory properties of vitamin D give it a leading role in preventing all disease processes that are triggered by silent inflammation

Studies have shown that the absorption of vitamin D through the oral mucosa is almost identical to the body’s own production through the skin. Dr. Krause Supplements Vitamin D3 Spray is dissolved in MCT oil and can be directly absorbed by the body by spraying it on the buccal mucosa, on the insides of the cheeks.

Dr. Krause Supplements Vitamin D3 Spray:

Well-dosed: Each spray contains 400 IU (10mcg) of the sun vitamin vitamin D – as bioactive vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol). Daily dose: 1 spray a day. Vitamin D3 is important for bone health and muscle building and is essential for strengthening the immune system. Among vitamins, vitamin D has a special position, as the human organism can produce it itself when skin is exposed to sunlight. In the technical biochemical sense, vitamin D is classified as a hormone.

Bioavailable: The bioavailability of our vitamin D is exceptional due to its dissolution in MCT oil. Since vitamin D is one of the fat-soluble vitamins, it can only be absorbed by the body in combination with fat. The absorption of active vitamin D through the oral mucosa comes closest to the body’s own production through the skin. 

Laboratory-tested: As our vitamin D supplement is a liquid spray, it requires fewer added substances than conventional vitamin D supplements. It only contains 3 ingredients: vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol), MCT oil, and vitamin E as an antioxidant. Each batch of our vitamin D3 spray is tested and certified for purity by an independent German laboratory. We guarantee that our vitamin D spray is free of heavy metals, fungicides, pesticides, questionable colors and preservatives. It’s vegan and produced without genetic engineering. It’s naturally lactose-free and contains no magnesium stearate, yeast or starch.

The patented spray nozzle makes it easy to spray the oil on the buccal mucosa or under the tongue. One bottle delivers a total of approx. 333 squirts.

Customer satisfaction: Our customers’ satisfaction is our top priority. The medical staff at Dr Krause Supplements will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the products.

Important information

Warning notices

The specified daily intake must not be exceeded. . Keep the product closed in a cool and dry place, out of the reach of children. 


  • Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol)
  • MCT Oil (Medium Chain Triglycerides)
  • Antioxidant Vitamin E (DL-alpha-tocopheryl acetate)

Recommended dose

1 spray daily or as recommended by your therapist.

Product information

Dr. Krause Supplements Vitamin D3 Spray

High bioavailability: Our vitamin D3 spray contains 400 IU (10 mcg) of the sun vitamin -Vitamin D- as bioactive vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol). Thanks to the patented spray nozzle, it can be comfortably sprayed easily onto the oral mucosa. The tiny droplets are immediately absorbed through the oral mucosa and thus offer better and faster absorption directly into the bloodstream compared to tablets or capsules. The absorption through the oral mucosa is almost identical to the body’s own production of vitamin D.

Our practical pocket-sized bottle contains approx. 333 daily doses of 400 IU.

This product is guaranteed to be free from: heavy metals, fungicides, pesticides, questionable dyes and preservatives, titanium dioxide. Furthermore, it is vegan and produced without genetic engineering. It’s naturally lactose-free and contains no magnesium stearate, yeast or starch.

Vitamin D 3 contributes to:

  • normal functioning of the immune system (physical defense)
  • maintenance of normal muscle function
  • maintenance of healthy bones
  • normal absorption / utilization of calcium and phosphorus
  • normal blood calcium levels
  • maintenance of strong teeth
  • functionality during cell division

Vitamin D3 promotes the absorption of calcium and phosphorus in the intestine. By doing so, it regulates the absorption of minerals and controls the calcium level in the blood.

Possible signs of a vitamin D deficiency:

(Always consult your doctor or therapist)

• Immune system: increased susceptibility to infections, immune deficiencies, respiratory diseases, autoimmune diseases
• Cell health: poor performance, tiredness, poor concentration, mood swings, dizziness, headaches
• Bones: rickets, osteoporosis, osteomalacia (softening of the bones), increased risk of bone fractures; Joint pain
• Muscles: muscle pain, muscle cramps, muscle weakness
• Cardiovascular system: cardiac arrhythmias, poor circulation
• Sleep disorders
• Nerve pain
• A lack of vitamin D can make you more susceptible to diseases related to chronic inflammation.

Formation and absorption of vitamin D:

80 – 90% of vitamin D is formed in the body through the skin during the exposure to UV light from the sun. It then gets converted into its active form, calcitriol, in the liver and kidney. Clothing and sun protection creams block the UV light and thus also prevent vitamin D synthesis through the skin. In winter especially, the self-production of vitamin D decreases due to the less intense UV radiation. 

The intake of vitamin D through food only plays a subordinate role. Good sources of vitamin D are fatty types of fish such as eel, herring, salmon, but also mushrooms, avocado and eggs. 

Studies show that north of the 37th parallel, 70-90% of people suffer from a vitamin D deficiency. There is no other vitamin that as many people are deficient in.

Other food supplements as a useful combination with your Dr.Krause Supplements Vitamin D Spray:

Selenium / vitamin C as calcium ascorbate / magnesium duplex / zinc picolinate

In general, food supplements are no substitute for a healthy, balanced diet.